Steps to writing

1 I put sentences in order to reconstruct a telephone conversation:
Oh, hello, Mrs Brown. How are you?1
I’m fine, thanks, but Tina isn’tverywell.She’sgot a cold.2
A cold? Oh, dear. I am sorry.3
And she has to stay in bed for two days.4
Two days? All right. Thank you for phoning, Mrs Brown. Goodbye.5

Dear readers, what do you think of my proposal ?

I deleted this part:

  • Goodbye.

  • Hello. This is Mrs Brown here. I’mTina’smother.

  • Hello. Greentrees School.


2 I completed a paragraph
I converted a series of sentences into a coherent paragraph by inserting linkers, such as and, so, but, that, as soon as, however, because, etc.

Mayfield wanted to know about the past (but)_______ I was so tired (that) _______ I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I crawled into my bunk (and)_______ had a wonderful sleep.(until) _______I woke up

3 I finished a story
I completed it here

One day, a family with a cat named Cathy went on vacation and they stayed in a very nice hotel with a very nice beach a few blocks away. And, after they settled in and unpacked they decided to go to the beach with Cathy.When they got there the kids took the cat for a walk on the hot sand. But then Cathy saw a bird and ran to chase it and the children accidently let go off the collar. And the they ran to chase the cat but it was too fast and they chased the cat but it went out of their sight. So the children went to their parents. And then their parents told them : we’ll help you look for Cathy. And they asked some people in the beach to help them. The people accepted, and it was a mini search party. But they couldn’t find her. So they went home but the others stayed at the beach to have some fun before they left. And then, when the family was out of sight the others saw a cat. And they ran to her and they picked her up and the cat was gentle so she didn’t scrach. And then, they ran to the hotel and gave the cat to reception. And then the reception accidently gave it to the wrong house. So the wrong house told them the right house and they gave it to them… but it was all right in the end. (As I said one of the people in the hotel had found Cathy on the beach and had taken her to the hotel reception. She was really pleased to see us, although she was hungry and tired. We gave her some cat food and then she fell asleep on the bed. Cathy had come back.

4 Mini-projects
Like in magazines, newspapers, advertisements, I represented myself including this:

I enjoy reading, and playing boardgames and cardgames with my Mum and and doing sport with my Dad.
I hate when my brother wakes me up at night
I love eating toasted Bagles with melted butter
I am saving my money for a guitar

5 My writing skills
I wrote my own version of a poem by Shell Silverstein by substituting key vocabulary.

Have you heard of tiny Linda May.
Who ate a monstrous shark.

I completed and illustrated the sentences :

‘I’m afraid of ….snakes’
‘I’m not afraid of ….butterflies’


Dear blog friend what about you ?

I wrote a poem entitled : ‘I can’t Tidy my Room’

I can’t tidy my room
because it’s too messy
I can’t tidy my room
because it’s too clean
I can’t tidy my room
because there’s nothing in it
I can’t tidy my room
because there’s too many things in it.