Week four

EIDindexI played ‘Free Rice’, It is instructive and challenging. It improves writing skill.

List of international events we have taken part in since 2014 :

  • New Year’s Eve that is a birthday date in my family, most members shared a cake from one of our finest pastry shops as we still keep improving western pastry art under french influence. They are our masters. Last year, in the TV show ‘Le meilleur patissier’ Abdel Krim was among the finalists.

  • You can see our post about YENAYER the North African new year since Egyptian civilization. The main dish is chicken. It is eaten with many local dishes and what is saved throughout the year for that celcebration.

  • March is Women month in the world. In Algeria, workers leave work in the afternoon of the 8th and we had roses with a small Berber colorful potery. There was music, traditional dancing, pastry, drinks and a better meal at the school dining room. The parliament passed new rules protecting our rights.



It is spring vacation in Algeria. I think it is a routine we kept after independence from French chrisrian Easter break custom.

The weather in Algiers is Mediteranean, and California as we learned in geography has got the same climate. Boys spend their spare time in El Ketani beach. They can swim even if it seems to be too crowded by the capital city inhabitants.

Our country is not as famous as our neighboors for tourism because it relies on other revenues and investments neglecting that side of local wealth, nevertheless, it has nothing to envy to others. Ourselves are amazed when we guide foreigners in picnics to the beach, as our people are as warm as any mediteraneans.

It means our blogs have to share these experiences.

Coming to the name of our blog, it is related to the diverse landscapes you can discover when you cross Algeria. There are two series of mountains:

1.Atlas in the north,

2.and ‘Sahraoui Atlas’ that separates the Grand Sahara from northern snowy mountains.

What is ‘ukulele’?

The traditional musical instrument is ‘Kouitra’ and the more known Oud in local music. They have somehow, the shape of guitars.


Thank you for your comment. We checked your blog. It seems that your read a lot. You have long sumaries of your chapters. Your culture is rich while many of us discovered Assyria with you. We hope to deepen our knowledge through our exchanges.

class blog //blogs.goaj.org/amoore/,

Thank you for the compliment on the post. We like that little trip. We checked your blog. Me and Frank like your students. They are cute. They seem quiet.

We usually use a lot of words to tell about images. You can see our exposition in the waiting room of the school. We invited friends and family.
Xander likes reading Shel Silverstein’s poems. He selected ‘ICKLE ME, PICKLE ME, TICKLE ME TOO’ to share it. The title is the refrain throughout foor 4 parts. It is a nice story he retold in prose in the classroom.
Moreover he wrote a follow up to ‘THE LOSER’.
Now we invite our readers to comment with some verses.
Xander and Mohamed are selling in our classroom. They learn counting and the use of money and foreign currencies.
We are selling lots of stuff. It is a role play organized by our teachers.
Frank and Eli are practicing the previous role play and they are using lego in the dining room.
Our images when they are not the school’s pictures are taken from ‘google’.
Another pupil in our class is Frank. His passion is drawing.
Our project deals with pollution. Is it good to protect environment ?
Please blog friends, reply using : Yes or No.
In our school the pupils are from international background like South Africa, Spain, England, USA, Turkey, France, Algeria, Congo, and Cheque Republic….
We choose this blog : http://blogs.goaj.org/amoore/ to have exchanges about our learnings.
We want also to ask questions about China.

First, Where is China situated?
Second, what is its capital city ?

We posted these question in previous posts hoping to get replies through the challenge Twitter. This week we try again directly to you.
First, Where is China situated ?
Second, what is its capital city ?
We were amazed to discover that your class is like ours during the Reading Five sessions that are creating most of our posts.
Here is our blog:

We choose to send a comment to you because you are the only Arab country blog we found on the classes’ list.
You should understand the posts in Arabic we publish.
Your post is instructive and widely literate. It is difficult for 9 years old of our class.

In Algeria it is celebrated in May. May be it is French influence again.
Here is our blog:


The special event from my country is Eid Sghir. It is the end of fasting month. Many cookies are prepared during weeks. They are displayed in all tables. Kids are beautiful and playful. They shop a lot because they get an amount of money as a gift during the visits to family memebers.

directinfo.webmanagercenter.com680 × 350

One of our posts deals with Eid. This website in French contains some information :

Five international blogs :

  • www.desstination.edublogs.org

  • http://bsgyear6.edublogs.org

  • class blog //blogs.goaj.org/amoore/, http://blogs.goaj.org/amoore/

  • http://j4ah15.edublogs.org

  • kidblog.org/Grade3superstars/login

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  1. In China, they have mon cake. They are different from Algerian cake. They put sugar inside and they are sweet.

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