Steps to writing

1 I put sentences in order to reconstruct a telephone conversation:
Oh, hello, Mrs Brown. How are you?1
I’m fine, thanks, but Tina isn’tverywell.She’sgot a cold.2
A cold? Oh, dear. I am sorry.3
And she has to stay in bed for two days.4
Two days? All right. Thank you for phoning, Mrs Brown. Goodbye.5

Dear readers, what do you think of my proposal ?

I deleted this part:

  • Goodbye.

  • Hello. This is Mrs Brown here. I’mTina’smother.

  • Hello. Greentrees School.


2 I completed a paragraph
I converted a series of sentences into a coherent paragraph by inserting linkers, such as and, so, but, that, as soon as, however, because, etc.

Mayfield wanted to know about the past (but)_______ I was so tired (that) _______ I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I crawled into my bunk (and)_______ had a wonderful sleep.(until) _______I woke up

3 I finished a story
I completed it here

One day, a family with a cat named Cathy went on vacation and they stayed in a very nice hotel with a very nice beach a few blocks away. And, after they settled in and unpacked they decided to go to the beach with Cathy.When they got there the kids took the cat for a walk on the hot sand. But then Cathy saw a bird and ran to chase it and the children accidently let go off the collar. And the they ran to chase the cat but it was too fast and they chased the cat but it went out of their sight. So the children went to their parents. And then their parents told them : we’ll help you look for Cathy. And they asked some people in the beach to help them. The people accepted, and it was a mini search party. But they couldn’t find her. So they went home but the others stayed at the beach to have some fun before they left. And then, when the family was out of sight the others saw a cat. And they ran to her and they picked her up and the cat was gentle so she didn’t scrach. And then, they ran to the hotel and gave the cat to reception. And then the reception accidently gave it to the wrong house. So the wrong house told them the right house and they gave it to them… but it was all right in the end. (As I said one of the people in the hotel had found Cathy on the beach and had taken her to the hotel reception. She was really pleased to see us, although she was hungry and tired. We gave her some cat food and then she fell asleep on the bed. Cathy had come back.

4 Mini-projects
Like in magazines, newspapers, advertisements, I represented myself including this:

I enjoy reading, and playing boardgames and cardgames with my Mum and and doing sport with my Dad.
I hate when my brother wakes me up at night
I love eating toasted Bagles with melted butter
I am saving my money for a guitar

5 My writing skills
I wrote my own version of a poem by Shell Silverstein by substituting key vocabulary.

Have you heard of tiny Linda May.
Who ate a monstrous shark.

I completed and illustrated the sentences :

‘I’m afraid of ….snakes’
‘I’m not afraid of ….butterflies’


Dear blog friend what about you ?

I wrote a poem entitled : ‘I can’t Tidy my Room’

I can’t tidy my room
because it’s too messy
I can’t tidy my room
because it’s too clean
I can’t tidy my room
because there’s nothing in it
I can’t tidy my room
because there’s too many things in it.

Harry Potter

I spent the week reading. I am super happy. We can make available more time for reading.
When I compare to Harry Potter he had a Division lesson. It was boring but with his friends it’s fun because they talk and do jokes.
My father said :


‘ N°4 is for 7 year olds.’

The end is different in the way it is explained with words that makes it easier to act the characters.
May be, for fun he wrote : « Back to the burrow »
The words’ impact on reader is stronger than the movie.
The movie may be better because the triwizard Toutrnament is starting. Two more schools came to HOGWARTS to compete. The second school is DUMSTRANG. It’s cool because they have sticks. They produce fire sparks on each end. It’s too awesome to explain.
He remained the same all along the book. Although he faced many dangers to which he survived (the most evil one).

Harry :

He is kind, brave. He is a little sad because that evil Lord Voldemort killed his parent.

Tom Riddle :

His powers are strong, deeper in, he’s super evil. All the wizards are scared from saying his name except for Harry.
Fred and George were very eager to know and say :

How long is the tongue?

Tom changed into Voldemort because he was trapped in his diary. Harry stabbed it with a sharp tool. He was defeated and he changed.

‘Plotsummary’ list of ‘rising action’, ‘climax’ and ‘falling action’ key events :

1. Preparing the tournament
2. TRIWIZARD Tournament
3. Death of Cedric.
He thinks it’s good. Watch the movie because it is so good and makes you like to watch it so much.

Week 10

We wrote more than seven posts. Most of them were set by the challenge and a few school based. We received many comments from teachers or overseas students. ‘Week 3’ post received the most of comments because of the numerous pictures it included. We enjoyed writing the most ‘Hobbies’ because we like the story it tells about. We have five widgets. We think we should make things more attractive to get more comments with more widgets. There are about five overseas students on our blogroll. We used Wordle and google web tools to show creativity on our blog.

We think it would be interesting to write about David Williams: he has hilarious books. So be ready to laugh.

Things we Love to Do



A challengers' poster we like to share with our readers.

A challengers’ poster we like to share with our readers.

I like Harry Potter and many other books. I use books and Internet for spellchecking.
It has wizards and witches. They have a game with flying balls and broomsticks. It is set in HOGWARTS. There are still dragons that are not extinct. And, cats and dogs live peacefully. They should not face the same cruel end.

  • Wordle is used here to write a text. You can visit the link to create your text clouds.


  • Solar too is used for watching any Harry Potter movie you want. Check it online and spend a good time.

Week 8

We like partying in other countries for Christmas, Eid El Adha, Haloween and Easter.

The web tool we liked discovering is: and the topics it prompts like ‘Foreign Exchange Program’ and others.

First, we looked at passports, visas for: England, The States (New York) and Pakistan. We signed forms to be ready.
We agreed to pack clothes, DS, IPad. It is about 20kgs.
We will rent a car and drive along the road, take the plane and rent a mobile home.
We will stay in London (Cambridge) or New York City.
The budget for part of our journey is around 100 pounds.
Second, our money will buy food. We need 1500 dinars for a pound.
We spend 2 pounds for a cup of coffee in England and for juice in The States 3 pounds.
To contact mum and dad, in The States it is the morning when it is night in Tanzania. We use Skype and Face time on mobiles.
It takes 2 hours from Algiers to London and 3 hours from airport to Cambridge. Algiers-Dubai takes 6 hours. For Lahore, add 2 hours.
Third, ‘How much is a cup of coffee?’= Spanish: cuenta un vere de café?
Where are the toilets? =Pakistani: Toylits cithr he?
In our journey to Jungle Park we climbed trees like Tarzan.
We exchanged with the relatives we stay with:

‘How are you?
What’s your name?
What do you like to do?
Discovering the universe

The playlist of pieces of music from our journey:
‘Bisou, bisou’
‘Hashoi Anthym’
‘Para bailar la bamba’
‘L’hymne à la joie’
The Spanish original of ‘Time to Say Goodbye’
‘Une souris verte’

Finally, we will tell our friends about our journey in Skype and Facebook.
The gardens in Lohore and food were excellent but people smoke too much. And there were too many cars in Tanzania and delicious restaurants. The pollution is awful in England and friendly people let you forget about the weather.
We voted to visit again the States. It is the New melting pot of the World.

Week 7

Our learners visit other blogs. They exchange comments. Some are mentioned in the present post.
Here you have the 5 great blogs we enjoy visiting from our blogroll :

 Arabia
 China
 Jaiden
 Mrs Moore
 Riley

Here you have some of the blogs we clicked on and the comments we left on posts at these blogs (we chose the first posts we could comment on):
Miss T’s Classroom (NZ)
No, we can’t figure out what you’ve written. Can you tell us about it?
At home, I found a card that had the same puzzling writing. It took me 2 days to figure it out. Finally, it said:

‘Whoever opens this tomb will die within 7 days.’

But, It was a reading mistake. So, I fixed it.
Please check our URL :
Mrs. Morgado- Canada


What is the game ‘Chuck the Chicken’? We just enjoy the rock, paper and scissors game.

Please, check our URL:
This makes me think of the challenge. It is my favourite activity I have been on.
Kisses to Scotty and his blog.
Here is our URL:
MrsSuttons’s Class
Mrs. Otto’s class


As you like reading , this is a story I started from a list of words. I would like to publish it here:
One day while walking down my studded street, I met a solemn tinker. He was making a golden studded lamp. So I decided to give this solemn tinker a beautiful little bluebell I picked from the dirt and he was so delighted.
If you want more go to our URL:

Here you have also replies to comments that have been left for us :

Hi, Natalie,
I just know about the language subject in Free rice..
Today we have Workers Day meal, it is the first of May in Algeria..
Your blog is nice.

Hi Kaiya,

We are Algerians. The post is about the alphabets used in Algeria.

We could leave this week about 10 comments.

• We enjoyed about commenting the international exchages and sharing.
• What is annoying is that some of the remarks were not so obvious for young learners to consider.
• We found interesting posts that were forbidden for commenters and replied to the ones that were open.
• We thought we had lots of comment. But other blogs have reached records. May be we need more participants among our acquaintances and time. But different cultures and pictures attract comments.

Here you have some of my comment starters :
My idea relates to this….
As you like….

week 6

Some people squeeze balls and stress floats away; others put their feet in a massage bowl full of tiny balls or fish to eat the dead skin.
We run around the garden without stopping. Or, we lie in the garden and watch the sky.
In a deserted island we play miming game. And, use material like wood to build a house and another one for animals. We use wool for bed with grass and sheep skin as a blanket that we sew with wood. The artistic cactus makes the decoration.
In a boat soldiers relax in their quiet rooms. The captain KADER fights against his cushion with his sword. He takes off his artificial leg to relax.
Without electricity, we jump till sleeping time and read books in bed.

“Chére maman et cher papa,
♥JE VOUS AIME plus que vous m’aimez”=
“Dear mum and dear dad,
♥I LOVE YOU more than you do
JE VOUS AIME à la folie,
je serai toujours là pour vous.
♥JE VOUS AIME encore une fois,
je vous protégerai toujours même si vous êtes plus forts que moi”=
♥I LOVE YOU crazy like,
I will always be there for you,
♥I LOVE YOU once more,
I will protect you all the time even if you are stronger than me”

ثافسوث امازيغن

tifinaghتفناغ حروف الأبجدية الامازيغية

تفناغ هي حروف الأبجدية الامازيغية القديمة التي يعود تاريخ نشأتها إلى أزيد من 300 سنة . و هي حروف لازالت منقوشة على الصخر في مواقع أثرية عديدة عبر شمال إفريقيا , موطن الامازيع مند الأزمنة البدائية الأولى . بعض أشكال هذه الحروف الامازيغية تظهر بشكل تلقائي لا شعوري في هندسة العمران و زخرفة الزرابي  .


(Badminton) : I like to play badminton. We use a racket and a plastic ball. When I play with my brother we usually argue in the middle of the game.
Another game I like is the one I describe here : There is a table with holes and we hit many balls with a stick towards the holes. (=Billard from Wikipedia : This is a web tool)
Pool : You hit the white ball • with a stick that hits other balls in the holes.
I like poetry too. Today I am telling you this chorus line :
« I am Reginald Clark. I am afraid of the dark. »

This is the story I like in the the book (NannyMcPhee and the Big Bang) :
It is about a magical nanny who has a magical stick. She teaches 5 lessons.
When the children learn a lesson as they are very, very naughty, one of the pieces that make her look bad (old tooth, wrinkles, worts, …) disapear.
One day the father went to fight a war and after a few months, they started to get worried. They had a telegram saying that their dad was missing.
Our post is about some of our hobbies. Now, it’s your turn to tell if you have any hobbies ?
THE following media was taken by the school staff.

Frank’s story

كان يا مكان في قديم الزمان وحش يعيش مع قردة في الكهوف. كان يوقد النار بالحطب و الحجر في الليل. و في الصباح يقول :

“أ أ أ أ”

و يقفز بين الأشجار و يقتل بعض حيوانات الغابة. لقد صنع سكين و لما أحاطت الحيوانات بكهفه قتلها فأصبح القردة خدما


The main vocabulary in this story is: